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Not always the cheapest solution is the best solution and the best solution doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Taking the right decision at the right time, that’s what counts. From choosing the right supplier, the right material and the best installation methods mean that there are a number or areas where Andreas can support you to achieve the best result. As well as offering consultancy to established events, Andreas can also share his expertise if you are planning a new stadium or arena, as there are several things to take into consideration at this early stage to ensure smooth operating procedures once the venue is live. How can a guarantee the best exposure for my partners? How can I guide spectators and guests from A to B in the most efficient manner? How can I integrate branding solutions that allow me to provide easily a clean stadium if needed? Andreas can also help on

  • consulting tender process to select Branding and LED supplier providing extensive market knowledge in terms of value for money, quality standards, trends etc.

  • Consulting design process to guarantee the best possible visual outcome for the event and partner branding

  • Expert advice in selecting best material and installation method to implement the planned concept



Language skills:

German / English

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