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Event Branding:


The Look and Feel of an event is a crucial element for organisers, partners and sponsors, and with a very busy market to make your event stand out, the requirements for professional branding solutions are ever increasing.

Bringing your partner’s brand to life and offering the best possible brand exposure on all channels is key: at the event itself, but also on TV and in media – especially social media. However a strong brand and event identity are not enough, if the elements are not implemented correctly.  

Andreas can offer a turn-key understanding from conception through to implementation to ensure a successful delivery. Such steps include:

  • Site Visit to identify best possible branding opportunities

  • A branding concept to guarantee the best possible visual outcome of the event and partner branding

  • Budget handling

  • Controlling of the production process

  • Managing supplier during set-up and dismantling phase in addition quality control of all produced and installed items then to oversee the installation schedule


Language skills:

German / English

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