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LED Boards


By leading the LED project for UEFA Champions League und UEFA Europa League Andreas gained a lot of experience in this growing sector. LED boards can be found at almost every venue and across a variation of events. Whether as score boards, ribbon boards or as advertising boards around the field of play, stage backdrops or simply as a decorational elements to gain maximum impact.

Knowing what hardware to choose is key however it is crucial to ensure the content is unique and recognisable in order to maximise the use of the LED boards.

Therefore, there are different areas where Andreas can offer his support

  • If you are looking for LED solutions for your event or your venue Andreas can support you, making use of his large supplier network which covers a wide range of services and solutions.

  • If you are a manufacturer or you are planning to invest in a LED board advertising system, can consult you in applying for the necessary test certificates.

  • Consulting in artwork creation process for both the event organiser as well as the sponsors.


Language skills:

German / English

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