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TV coverage of events are getting more important every day. It doesn´t matter if it’s live or recorded for later use.

If recorded, selected parts of the footage can be given to media to increase your awareness or to sponsors, to be used on their websites or adverts. Live Broadcasting for TV or Streaming can increase your revenue from sponsors, generate income from media rights or open new marketing channels, like pay per view.

I am happy to support you as a consultant in the planning and implementation of your event.

Based on your ideas I generate technical concepts and drawings, help you during a tender process and in selecting the right technical provider. To ensure a high quality level I work as a Technical Manager during the event.

# OB trucks # SNG # Technical Concepts # Consultancy # Broadcast Power # Technical Management


Language skills:

German / English

Wahlstudio Radio Bremen 2019_3.JPG

Technical Manager for Bremedia / Radio Bremen

Elections to the regional Bremen parlament " Die Bürgerschaft" 2019 


Broadcast Engineering Manager UEFA - Euro 2016

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