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Venue Consultancy:

Stadium and arena architecture changed a lot over the last decade. It changed from simple structures, just build for the purpose of use, to multi purpose venues with Hospitality / VIP areas as an essential part of the business.

Being part of the sports events business since 2006, I have seen lots of new or refurbished venues, with a fascinating architecture and wonderful business areas. Unfortunately Broadcast Infrastructure was often forgotten or not planned by Broadcast Professionals.

If something is in place, it´s very often just enough for the daily business but nobody thought about a future proofed setup.

Coming into a venue for the planning and implementation of a major, or just not daily business event, can easily become a nightmare. If the existing broadcast cable infrastructure is not big enough and temporary cable ways for quick and easy cabling are not existing, the venue and the broadcaster are in trouble. Trust me, from my experience, no owner and especially no architect likes to get asked for cable access holes and hooks along their brand new walls. Pre-cabling is great but if more or other cables are required, temporary cable ways are necessary. To avoid heart attacks and major disruptions on the architecture, consultancy in the planning phase of a venue is important. Changes in the construction time are always more expensive and time consuming.

I can support you in the planning phase of your new stadium venue or help you implementing cost effective solutions for cabling and media infrastructure in your existing venue.

# Camera Platforms # Special Mounts for Cameras # Pitch View Studios # TV Studios # TV Compound # Permanent Broadcast Cabling # Temporary Cabling Infrastructure # Commentary and Media Tribunes


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