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The importance of wayfinding can often be underestimated in terms of how much it can impact the experience but most importantly the time it takes to implement an effective concept.  

Good signage will help attendees and client groups navigate easily around an event or venue, but if it hasn’t been planned or well executed, it has the potential to cause problems for both you and your guests.

Wayfinding signage should be more than functional. It should be clear, concise and able to guide people smoothly and effortlessly as well as providing an opportunity to add event dressing as well as sponsors exposure.

An effective wayfinding concept can be implemented with the use of classic static signage or using modern digital signage on LED screens, depending on the purpose and location.

Andreas can help you achieve this by offering

  • Creating wayfinding concept

  • Selection of best solutions depending on areas, e.g. digital or static signage

  • Quality control of all produced and installed items


Language skills:

German / English

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